How do I add a Listing?

Sometimes when coming across a new platform, it can be confusing learning how it works.

That’s why we’ve provided the following steps to make it easier for adding your first Listing to Castlemaine Classifieds:

  • If you aren’t signed in, it will take you to a Login page. If you haven’t yet registered on the site, then there is a link above the Login form to the Register page. Click that link or go there directly @
  • Click next to select the 14 day free listing. It is currently the only option.
  • Fill in details for your listing. The more content you add in the description, then the more likely people will find you when searching. It is always best to use pictures to help promote your listing. You can add up to 10 images, but please make sure you keep the size of each image to under 3mb. If you don’t have a program to reduce the size of your images, you can use Pixlr Editor for free @ or there are many free apps on your phone as well if you use mobile.
  • Once you’ve filled in the details for your listing click the next button to fill in your payment information. We currently only accept payment via Credit Card online. If you aren’t able to pay via a credit card, please add your listing as normal and leave it when it asks for credit card details. We’re happy to meet you in town with cash or accept a bank transfer for yearly fees.
  • When you’ve filled in your Credit Card information, click Submit and your listing will be automatically added. You can delete your listing at any time and your Credit Card won’t be charged until after the 14 day free trial period.

If anything is confusing here or you have any questions at all, please contact us by filling out the email contact form.